Podcast Production

I’ve admired the world of podcasting for several years now.

So many varying styles of production and presentation can come together in an audio format and appeal to listeners across the world, while providing a personal and intimate experience through personal stories.

I actively enjoy and draw inspiration from several podcasts, such as Henry & Heidi, Sizzletown, Sound Opinions, Switched On Pop, Dissect, Song Exploder and Serial.

I have worked as a podcast producer and editor for around 4 years, starting with light and fun projects for friends, and expanding into weekly shows focusing on a variety of topics.

Through my education in Sound Design for Theatre (Bachelor from VCA/UOM) and Music Production (Ad. Dip. from RMIT), and experience working in radio (2XX FM in Canberra), I have the skill set to help make your podcast sound fantastic, while also offering a competitive price compared with other podcast production services.

I can also create intro, outro and ambient music for your needs, write and record script for voice-overs, provide advice on good gear to help you record your content easily, and give tips on good microphone technique.

Please see my pricing structure here.