Consultation Session – FREE

Please contact me to arrange a FREE chat to discuss your podcast and your needs.

I am very open to making a customised price for your podcast, especially for community groups and other organizations with specific needs and budgets.

I am willing and able to work with anyone at any time, globally speaking.

$200 AUD one time payment


  • Advice on gear purchases
  • Guided tutorial through the program of your choice
  • Introduction to EQ, Compression and Gates
  • Assistance with Hosting setup
  • Microphone technique and best practice


$100 AUD per episode
Maximum of 60 minutes runtime per episode
1 Week turnaround time per episode


  • Processing and cleanup of audio tracks (Using Izotope RX Advanced)
  • Use of Gate, EQ, Compression and De-essing
  • Basic editing of recordings and inclusion of any pre-recorded material
  • Mastering to broadcast standard audio levels (-16 LUFS)
  • Mixdown to desired format (MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, AAC, etc)
  • Inclusion of MP3 ID3 tag data
  • Upload to Dropbox/Google Drive


$150 AUD per episode
Maximum of 90 minutes runtime per episode

1 Week turnaround time per episode


  • Everything in above package PLUS
  • Editing of erroneous audio (ah’s, um’s)
  • Management of show notes

(The time required to do fine edits of audio is why there is such a significant bump in price. An hour of audio can take between 2-3 hours to fine edit.)


Intro and Outro music – $50 each
V/O recording and Scripting – $50 per script
Podcast tips and tricks – $50 per session