Current Projects

Red Inker & Double Century With Jarrod Kimber

Jarrod is a cricket writer, and most recently an analyst for the Scottish national cricket team. We worked together on the most recent run of the Cricket Sadist Hour with Andy Zaltzman, and I really learnt alot from doing that show.

Jarrod is bristling with ideas for cricket content, and we’re just starting on the path to getting a bunch of content out there for a cricket nerd audience.

Red Inker is a deep dive into topics that surround cricket, with each week focusing on a guest with a focus on uncovering thoughts around a variety of topics, like how do you play a world cup qualifier after losing a third of your squad? How fast can women actually bowl? How has Jofra Archer been treated unfairly?

Double Century is a product of Jarrod’s book on the history of Test cricket, and this show gives Jarrod a chance to dive deeper into some of those topics, and bring them up to date with modern players.

Darko.Audio Podcast

John Darko is a music-first audiophile, and has been addicted to the world of Hi-Fi for 10 years. He runs a very successful Youtube site, discussing the ins and outs of gear, pain points in the industry and what music he deeply enjoys. He started a podcast to interview some people from the industry, and got me on board recently to help bring a polish to the standard of his program.

I provide cleanup of audio in Izotope RX 7, insertion of music and ads, and then a final mix.

The Independent Music Podcast

The IMP is a long-running weekly podcast focused on fresh independent and experimental music from around the world. Presenters Gareth Main and Anthony Chalmers have extensive backgrounds in the UK underground music scene, and bring their eclectic taste to a wide-ranging music show that always has something surprising in it.

Each week I take the recording that Gareth makes in Ableton Live of their voices, as well as a track of the music played throughout the show. I mix their voices accordingly, and do minimal processing to get the music tracks to a consistent volume. I’ve worked with Gareth to advise on room treatment and mic placement and technique.

I’ve been working with the IMP for almost a year and it’s an absolute delight to edit each week, as well as discover something new and cool in each episode.

Rank Ideas

Rank Ideas is a show by Nick Delatovic and Chris Endrey, two Canberran musicians and friends who have tasked themselves with ranking every idea imaginable on a list. They have a very relaxed time talking about the importance of a variety of topics, from Shorts to Free Will to Playing It Cool.

I take both recordings of each host, provide a cleanup and mix of the audio and then a final render.

Secrets We Share

Secrets We Share is a seasonal podcast hosted by local ACT mental health professional Frances Carleton, focusing on mental health and conversations with practitioners as well as patients about their experiences in the mental health industry in Australia, as well as their own personal stories and struggles.

Over the past few months, I’ve helped Frances get her kit together, work through some recording issues and am doing some producing work for her while she finds her feet. She’s a great host and interviews mental health practitioners as well people using mental health services, and has informed and frank chats with them each week. It’s been lovely helping to guide her through the journey of idea to full fledged show!