Previous Projects

Destiny Community Podcast

The DCP is a weekly, community focused podcast centered around the video game Destiny. The show features 5 weekly hosts (Teftyteft, Fran Mirabella, Ms5000Watts, BriarRabbit and Popebear), with a regular rotating guest. We have a weekly listenership of around 30,000 across Podbean, Youtube and Twitch.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch at 6pm US ET each Thursday, and I compile audio from each participant after the show, clean up and produce each track, mix the show to broadcast standards and then publish it to our networks.

I’ve been working with the DCP for over a year now and traveled to the Destiny convention GuardianCon in Tampa, Florida in July 2018 to meet everyone and help produce a live, onstage podcast.

DCP Sidequest

DCP Sidequest is a second podcast by the DCP team. It’s a weekly 1 hour digest of gaming and pop culture news from around the internet and the industry. It’s hosted by Teftyteft, Ms5000Watts, BriarRabbit and Arekkz.