Previous Projects

99.94 DM

99.94 DM was a cricket podcast network dedicated to covering cricket content from key countries, teams and franchises around the world. It was launched in July 2022, and I managed the production on all shows, each of which having two hosts. The shows were India, West Indies, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia, and specialist shows The Mitch Johnson Show, as well as Edges & Sledges. I produced all the shows initially, and then handed them off to a production team in India as our shows increased. I also provided technical assistance to all hosts, purchasing them all low cost but high quality gear to use for the shows each week, as well as ensuring the smooth publishing of all shows.

This was a very challenging but rewarding experience to launch an entire network of shows, as well as managing a team of people to execute each episode.

Reimagine STEM

Reimagine STEM is a project by the Australian National University to revamp and reinvigorate how education and learning works, and it’s starting with the Computer Science and Engineering department. The project aims to introduce new procedures for Education through infrastructure, research, community and engagement to make the CECS department a more open, inviting and equitable place to learn and work.

The podcast is a 4 episode deep dive into the concepts around the wider Reimagine program, focusing on how other universities are re-imagining their future, as well as speaking to scientists, designers and community members about how to go about doing all of it.

This is a fully funded project and has been a real professional learning experience for me, working with former ABC producer Gretchen Miller on creating a show from scratch, recording and editing 16 full length interviews and working to a script.

Here is the first episode, Social Benefit.

The Cricket Sadist Hour

CSH is an irregular feature on ESPN Cricinfo, a very nerdy cricket statistics podcast, featuring Jarrod Kimber and Andy Zaltzman, both writers for the website. I have enjoyed listening to the show for a while, before it was on ESPN, these two are absolutely hilarious and it’s a delight to work for both of them.

I take the respective audio tracks from each presenter, clean up and process their voices, and then mix in stings, transitions and any other extra audio.

Please find the latest episode below.

Destiny Community Podcast

The DCP is a weekly, community focused podcast centered around the video game Destiny. The show features 5 weekly hosts (Teftyteft, Fran Mirabella, Ms5000Watts, BriarRabbit and Popebear), with a regular rotating guest. They have a weekly listenership of around 30,000 across Podbean, Youtube and Twitch.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch at 6pm US ET each Thursday, and I compiled audio from each participant after the show, cleaned up and produced each track, mixed the show to broadcast standards and then published it to our networks.

I worked with the DCP for a little over 2 years and traveled to the Destiny convention GuardianCon in Tampa, Florida in July 2018 to meet everyone and help produce a live, onstage podcast.

DCP Sidequest

DCP Sidequest is a second podcast by the DCP team. It’s a weekly 1 hour digest of gaming and pop culture news from around the internet and the industry. It’s hosted by Teftyteft, Ms5000Watts, BriarRabbit and Arekkz.

Mind Of Snaps

Mind Of Snaps is an irregular series of podcasts focused around the Twitch streamer SheSnaps. Snaps presents discussions and interview on a range of topics, from video games to drug politics, to queer issues and beyond.

I cleaned up the recorded audio for broadcast and assisted with technical issues. I’ve been worked with Snaps intermittently for 18 months and I find her to be funny, enlightening and engaging.

Secrets We Share

Secrets We Share is a seasonal podcast hosted by local ACT mental health professional Frances Carleton, focusing on mental health and conversations with practitioners as well as patients about their experiences in the mental health industry in Australia, as well as their own personal stories and struggles.

Over the past few months, I’ve helped Frances get her kit together, work through some recording issues and am doing some producing work for her while she finds her feet. She’s a great host and interviews mental health practitioners as well people using mental health services, and has informed and frank chats with them each week. It’s been lovely helping to guide her through the journey of idea to full fledged show!