Mix for FINT Fundraiser

Way back at the start of 2014, my generally handsome friend Nathan and another spectacularly awesome friend Emily Rose were looking to take a theatre show to Adelaide, a show that I never got to see because they only put it on in Adelaide, but as such, they needed funds and they put on an afternoon of entertainment in the backyard of Emily Rose’s house on Australia Day. Here’s a charming little promo video for the day.



They asked me to do a mix and I had been experimenting with DJing in the latter half of 2013, performing in my final year of my Bachelors in Sound Production as a live onstage DJ in Raimondo Cortese‘s St Kilda Tales. The show was a ton of fun, and I’ve had a great deal of fun cleaning up this set and putting it out to you all now. Will hopefully be adding future mixes to the wonderful Mixcloud site.

Download the mix HERE.

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