Current Projects

Culture Compass on ABC Radio Australia

Culture Compass is an exploration of survival, revival and connection throughout the Pacific. The half-hour bespoke program, hosted by Seiuli Salamasina von Reiche, delves into the traditional and contemporary cultures in the Pacific.

I’m employed as a freelancer by Deadset Studios, run by former ABC Audio head Kellie Riordan. I acted as a mix engineer and sound designer on Season 1, mix arranger, engineer and sound designer on Season 2 and 3, and am currently mix engineer and sound designer on Season 4.

Saltwater Strategists

Saltwater Strategists is a podcast produced by the Australian Naval Institute. It brings well respected strategists, academics, international relations and maritime professionals from across the region to the table to discuss their thoughts on the maritime challenges and opportunities within the region.

I provide a full broadcast record and mix for Saltwater Strategists.

Rank Ideas

Rank Ideas is a show by Nick Delatovic and Chris Endrey, two Canberran musicians and friends who have tasked themselves with ranking every idea imaginable on a list. They have a very relaxed time talking about the importance of a variety of topics, from Shorts to Free Will to Playing It Cool.

I take both recordings of each host, provide a cleanup and mix of the audio and then a final render.