I am a podcast producer, editor and publisher, currently based in Canberra, ACT, Australia.

I make podcasts sound good, make a little music, work as a venue technician at Ainslie & Gorman Arts Centres and enjoy making and facilitating all forms of art.

I am currently actively searching out new podcast projects, as both an editor and producer.


Current projects:

Destiny Community Podcast

The DCP is a weekly, community focused podcast centered around the video game Destiny. The show features 5 weekly hosts (Teftyteft, Holtzmann, Ms5000Watts, BriarRabbit and Popebear), with a regular rotating guest. We have a weekly listenership of around 20,000 across Podbean, Youtube and Twitch. Each week I compile audio from each participant, clean up and produce each track, mix the show to broadcast standards and publish it to the public.

Mind Of Snaps

Mind Of Snaps is an irregular series of podcasts focused around the Twitch streamer SheSnaps. Topics range from video games, to drug politics, to queer issues and beyond. I produce, edit and publish the podcast with SheSnaps, and I also contributed the intro music.


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